Printed Duct Tape

Duct tapes produced with the Flesko-SIAT technique can be customized by printing company information, logos and various signs. Carton tapes can be used for packaging, box closing and marking purposes. Up to 4 colors can be printed on the tape.

Tapes produced according to special orders are produced by printing images such as logos, slogans, patterns and pictures on the tape in accordance with the demands of the customers. The printing process is carried out before applying glue to the adhesive surface of the tape. In this way, the image is prevented from being erased or damaged while using the tape.

The tape can be cut in any desired width and length.


Transparent, Honey, Tan, White

Kullanım Kalınlık Eni (mm) Uzunluk (m)
El ile 38-40-42-45 12-36-45-50-60-67-70-80-100 36-40-80-90-100
Makine ile 38-40-42-45 300-400-800-1000
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