Our Environmental Policy

As of December 27, 2017, with the enactment of the Regulation on the Control of Packaging Waste published in the Official Gazette with the number 30283; the plastic straps we produce are defined as “Packaging Material.” According to this regulation, users are required to submit declarations (Annex-5) for plastic straps placed on the market. Additionally, the management of straps that become waste must be carried out within the scope of environmental legislation, categorized as 15 01 02 – Plastic Packaging Waste.


To comply with all environmental regulations and administrative arrangements.


To optimize the use of energy and natural resources,


To comply with environmental criteria in the used raw materials and auxiliary substances, and to control the adverse effects of these substances.


To prevent pollution, reduce waste, and ensure efficiency by separating them at the source.


Çalışanlarını, çevre ve enerji verimliliği konusunda vereceği eğitimlerle bilinçlendirmeyi, bilgilendirmeyi ve motivasyonunu sağlamayı,


To share the conducted activities with employees, keep them open to the public, and consider the expectations of all stakeholders.


To consider environmental factors in new investments and projects.


We have adopted the principle of continuously improving environmental and energy performance. For a clean environment and a healthy future, we set new goals every year. Our primary goal is to produce as little waste as possible. To minimize our use of natural resources and waste production, we strive to develop new methods and aim to prevent environmental pollution with environmentally friendly projects, ensuring the continuity of systems established for environmental protection.