Masking Tape

Designed for industrial and general use, natural rubber masking tapes have high adhesion strength and can be removed easily and without leaving any traces after application, offering solutions suitable for different application areas. It gives excellent results in applications such as painting and does not leave marks at high temperatures. It can also be used for masking purposes in electrostatic powder paint applications.

Technicial Specifications:

It is produced with solvent-based acrylic adhesive technology.
It is resistant to temperatures up to 120°C.
It has strong adhesion properties.
It can be easily removed without leaving a trace.

Hotmelt Masking Tapes

For precise, high-quality spray painting jobs, a wide and versatile range of masking tapes is required. Designed to meet all demands, hotmelt masking tapes offer unique masking properties, high temperature resistance and strong adhesion on difficult surfaces.

Kullanım Kalınlık Eni (mm) Uzunluk (m)
El ile 42 15-15-18-24-36-48 38-40
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