Duct tape

PRETAPE Hotmelt packing tape offers wide application flexibility for general purpose case closing and packaging processes. It allows use either by hand or machine. Being easily detachable provides ease of use. It can be supplied in long runs in various widths and can be supplied as jumbo coils with widths of 1350 to 1530 mm (net) and lengths of 6000 m.

Transparent, Honey, Tan, White

PRETAPE duct tape shows high performance in hot and cold conditions and is ideal for filmic surfaces. It can be sliced in desired widths between 12 mm and 150 mm.

In addition, acrylic adhesive tapes, which are fiber reinforced and produced with a special substance containing polyethylene acrylic adhesive, are frequently used during assembly, joints and repairs of breathing areas. These tapes are resistant to temperatures between -40 and +80 degrees.

Kullanım Kalınlık Eni (mm) Uzunluk (m)
El ile 38-40-42-45 12-36-45-50-60-67-70-80-100 36-40-80-90-100
Makine ile 38-40-42-45 300-400-800-1000
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