Double Sided Foam Tape

Powerful Solution for Surface Joining
Double-sided foam tapes are used for joining metal, plastic, profile, aluminum, glass and many other surfaces thanks to their high adhesion power. It is frequently preferred in the assembly of logos, moldings and accessories in the automotive industry, in the assembly of plastic and metal accessories in bathrooms and kitchens, and in the assembly of mirrors and accessories in the furniture industry. Tapes with a net wall thickness of up to 3 mm can also be used in rough surface joints.
Double-sided foam tapes are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications thanks to their moisture, heat and UV resistance. The foam material used in the tapes can be changed depending on the location. Rubber or acrylic based tapes are available. Polyurethane foam and PE foam are among the types of foam frequently used in double-sided foam tapes.
Double-sided foam tapes, which provide perfect adhesion to uneven surfaces thanks to their waterproof feature, can be cut in all widths and lengths. These tapes, which are frequently preferred in situations requiring strong adhesion, offer a strong solution for surface bonding.

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